Saturday, 22 January 2011

Turning from innovation to sheer classic

I have been an avid reader of the Harper’s Bazaar for, let’s see now, over 13 years, and apart from the apparent flesh reading and eventually note taking, I’ve also turned to a fanatic clipper as well;

Soon after the second week in my possession the enthusiastic page-turning of the «bible» gives its place to «the Office Depot is your friend» - kind of deal; which means, the careful cutting and filling of the valuable personal style, smart shopping, editorial, and spread pages. Scrapbooking simply isn’t enough in my case. Add that to the humongous, leviathan of a file within a file, within a file, within a zip-file on my laptop, and there you have it _ I have come to a point where I can easily browse trends from many a previous seasons, and track them back in the not-so-rare occasion they repeat themselves.

{This is the point where you probably start wondering, what kind of raving lunatic you have been following/ reading for a while… but no matter what the cost (of me being considered as such, of course I love doing the job some people out there get paid to do) I can’t help it , so no hard feelings}.

So, after all these issues filled and handled with care (especially the ones that refer to cruise, spring and summer fashion), I‘ve come to notice how some items have turned from the innovating «it» s to sheer classics; Remember the first time Alexander McQueen gave us the skull ring? Some said whoa! Some went «yikes» and many remained calmly nonaligned, thinking (as the old song used to say) « I’m not in love; it’s just a silly phase I’m going through »… but a few years later, it is one of the most iconic rings ever, replicated not only by some cheap replica Chinese vendors but by the house of Dior itself. I know, I know, some may debate that « no you silly cow, it wasn’t McQueen who brought the skull ring to fashion, it was some bloodthirsty Visigoth back in 291. Or was it a death knight in the 16th century? Or was it The Phantom / cartoon hero? Or was it the armed forces? Yes, yes, yes and yes, but before dear old Al, no one had brought it to high end fashion, and no one would even dream of adding it to a $ 3.950 clutch, and have every girl eventually dreaming of it as the ultimate accessory for all seasons, right? (Oh yeah, unless it were the actual bloodthirsty Visigoth’s ring, still attached to the warrior’s finger and auctioned at Christie’s).

My point is, you never know; once something is properly polished, given the right tenor of artistry and offered to the world, no matter how low, or how high the initial price, it might as well be the next classic. Didn’t the same happen with the four-leaf Alhambra clovers of Van Cleef and Arpels in 1968? I wonder how much they used to cost back then, as their current prices range from $939 to $20,432 (Euro 690 to Euro 15.000) – 2010 catalogue prices.

So, keep an eye for repetitive coolness and perhaps you’ll find yourself one day with some seriously holy-grail-ey pieces that you can perhaps pass on to the next generations of fashionphiles, or even ask to be buried with (what’s wrong with me? That was dark, was it not? – ha ha ha ho ha ha ho ho ho... Sorry) _

Of course I can't pin down everything, so I only chose what I love, the rest is up to you lovely people !!!

Have a glorious, stylish weekend everyone !!!


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ps.I love that fendi bag and the McQueen ring! :)

Little Pink Rain Boots said...

Oh, gimme gimme that Fendi peekaboo and those Hermes bracelets!! and while I'm at it I'll take that lovely Mcqueen scarf :)

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Oh my God how many beautiful things!!! congrats for your blog, I really like it!!
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I love The Fendi bag!!!!!

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Nice photos!

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Carolyn said...

i LOVE your accessory picks! the hermes and celine bags are so beautiful..

Kasia W. said...

I just love those ysl rings!